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About A Mile
About A Mile
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About A Mile, take their name from from the distance Jesus carried His cross. Band members and brothers Adam, Luke and Levi Klutinoty, have a chemistry and accomplished artistry that is garnering wide critical acclaim as the trio’s music and lyrics speak to members of all faiths about the suffering then triumph of a crucified and risen Christ.

About a Mile’s self-titled Word debut is a well-realized effort packed with hook-laden upbeat tracks and thoughtful ballads. Adam Klute’s husky lead vocals come across as both heroic and yearning, capturing the mixture of hope, awe, and reverence found in the band’s songs. “Satisfied”, “Right Now” and “Soldier On” are potent rallying cries, spurred on by Adam’s expansive guitar work and anchored by brothers Luke (bass) and Levi (drums). “Power of the Cross” shows off the trio’s strong grasp of dynamics, while “Trembling” strikes a note of quiet adoration. While much of the album is worship-oriented, songs like “In with the Out Crowd” (a soaring call for rebellion against conformity) and “I Hate Hate” (a plea for love set to a rocking shuffle) deal with larger issues facing fellow believers.


03.Who You Say You Are
06.Right Now
09.I Hate Hate