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Soft Rock

Building 429 - We Won\'t Be Shaken
Building 429 - We Won't Be Shaken
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Very often the gifts that God gives Christians take on an added potency when simmered in the sauce of experience. Such is the case with One of Christian musicís best loved and most influential bands Building 429. Passionate vocals, skilled musicianship and insightful songwriting have become the cornerstones of the Building 429 sound and they are in abundance on We Wonít Be Shaken. The title track is a battle cry for the world in these hard times.†


01 Get up

02 Bonfire Us

03 Wrecking ball

04 We wont be shaken

05 Set a fire

06 Revolution

07 All i'm holding

08 Best and worst

09 Blameless

10 All the glory

11 Where I Belong