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FFH - Wide Open Spaces
FFH - Wide Open Spaces
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Details: Best-selling pop group FFH rallies for the release of its first new record in three years, Wide Open Spaces. This album was previously release digitally in September 2009. FFH’s latest project does just that, chronicling the ups and downs of their journey these last few years. Like real life, Wide Open Spaces isn't all highs or all lows. In this story of one leg of the Deibler's journey, there are valleys yes, but there are also glimpses of the mountain top that they saw as they faithfully walked. Yes, they complained. Yes, they cried out to God in anguish asking why and when it would end. But they still walked and waited for God. Songs like “Undone” talk about surrendering to God amidst seemingly impossible circumstances and lead radio single “What It Feels Like” is a humble acknowledgement of complete brokenness before God.


01 Undone

02 Hold On To Me

03 Wide Open Spaces

04 What It Feels Like

05 I Don't Care Anymore

06 What If Your Best

07 The Time Of My Life

08 Stop The Bleeding

09 Who I'm Gonna Be

10 Jesus Give Me Rest