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Willie Will-Reflection
Willie Will-Reflection
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A must have album for all Big hip-hop and rap fans and the entire public who will find a lot here to appreciate. Willís debut, Reflection, is magical recording as a whole, with each song showing the rapper's talent in writing and delivery. Willie Will explains in his website bio about this new style of holy hip hop. "With Reflection, I hope to bring to the forefront a new vein of holy hip-hop - one that brings the lost to the light and edifies the believer at the same time. Christian rap has been extreme since the beginning. Either it's too much God that the unbeliever can't feel it, or God can't be found anywhere in it. There needs to be a middle ground that everyone can feel and in turn be blessed.


02 Say So

03 Move Somethin'

05 Get Up

15 God's Been Good