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Building 429 - Unashamed
Building 429 - Unashamed
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Building 429 incorporates the gospel into music so well that sometimes you forget you’re listening to Christian music. Their sound has always been something different and their uniqueness is undeniably evident on this release.

“Impossible” is a great song musically with an even better message. “There is no such thing as impossible," as the lyrics read. We've all heard or believed at one time or another that some task or goal was seemingly impossible, but when we trust in God and commit to His will, we truly realize that indeed nothing is impossible. With its high energy to kick off the new album, this song will leave you jumping and celebrating the glory of God.

The keys and guitar riffs in “Ocean Deep” make this song really come alive. And again, the message is excellent. When we think we’ve done something so wrong that can't possibly be forgiven, this song explains so eloquently that God’s mercy and forgiveness are always present and ready to wash us clean. We don't have to live with the guilt and shame of our past mistakes because of God's incredible mercy, mercy that is ocean deep and never runs out.

Closing out Unashamed, “Stronger” shows a whole different side of Building 429. With nothing but a piano and Jason’s strong voice throughout most of it, this is such a beautiful song. This is a type of song that really tells a story too. At some point in our lives, we’ll be pushed around or used, and as those moments pass us by, we will realize that these struggles have made us stronger. We may have shed some tears or got our hearts broken, but with every punch life throws our way, we do get stronger. It may not feel like it right in that moment, but in years to come as we look back on our journey, we’ll see that God never left us.


03.Ocean Deep
08.Be With Us Now [Emmanuel]
09.Hearts Collide ft Mike Barnes of Red