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Hillsong Brian Houston: Time Is On Your Side
Hillsong Brian Houston: Time Is On Your Side
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"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven."[Ecc 3:1]

Do you ever feel like time is working against you, like there are just not enough hours in the day? Time isn't our enemy; it's actually a gift from God - a valuable commodity that can work for you and for Kingdom purpose.

In this series, Brian examines what the Bible says about time and seasons and highlights the power of moments. He explains that nothing of substance is built without time and will help you discover that time is an ally to the dreams God has put in your heart.

Messages included:

Part 1: Your days are numbered
- What does God want you to do with the time He's given you?
- Find out God's purpose for your life and how only time will see it realised.

Part 2: Are you stuck in a moment?
- Imprisoned by a momentary decision that has defined your life? Discover how to break free.

Part 3: Life doesn't happen by chance
- Learn the steps essential to living in God's perfect timing.

Part 4: How are you investing your time?
- Learn keys to Godly stewardship of every day that will set you up for the days ahead.